Struggling to find work and feeling lost in life, Ryan decided to use lockdown to focus on improving the skills he needed to become job ready.

Although he had some experience, Ryan found it hard to find work which became increasingly difficult during lockdown. Initially using the time indoors to achieve his fitness goal, Ryan soon felt pressure to do more with his time than just running and reading.

Realising that he was being held back due to low confidence when it came to social situations and meeting new people, as well as a lack of knowledge of creating a CV or interview techiniques, Ryan decided to contact The Prince’s Trust.

During the three induction calls with his new keyworker where he was able to talk about his goals, ambitions, and challenges to achieving these, Ryan was particularly interested in attending the online Employability sessions that The Trust were offering.

Ryan subsequently attended several online sessions focusing on application forms, CV writing and goal setting to achieve your employment vision.

I really enjoyed the sessions and I definitely got more confident interacting with others as time went on. The CV workshop was useful as that was an area I struggled with. I learned how to make it more attractive if I linked my hobbies with my work interests and I feel more confident that having this will increase my chances of getting a job.

“I was also really pleased to gain positive feedback from the staff member at The Trust who lead the session who let me know I was doing well, and my contribution was valued.”

Ryan is now having weekly 121 chats with his keyworker over the phone and is hoping to secure a job soon.

He added: “I’m feeling much more positive about my future and I’m looking forward to doing more sessions with The Trust. I’m now actively applying for jobs with my updated CV, cover letter and self-belief and I’ll keep working with my keyworker to do mock interview, so I have more experience.”