Ruqayah’s goal has always involved working in the NHS. Ruqayah is now a Healthcare Assistant at her local hospital, which she started in June 2020. Ruqayah’s journey into this role has not been easy, her plan to study psychology was halted due to issues with her citizenship – now sorted. Following that battle, Ruqayah decided that working was now her priority as it would give her stability and the opportunity to study while working.

Ruqayah joined The Prince’s Trust Get Started in Health and Social Care online mentoring programme in March 2020. Working closely with Prince’s Trust Executive Jaimini, Ruqayah worked on all the advice she was given, including keeping a job search tracker and requesting feedback from employers when unsuccessful in interviews.

Ruqayah said: "I was unemployed for three years. My goal to work in the NHS was slipping away. I had no experience of work so my confidence was affected."

The online Prince’s Trust programme was great! I was in my own surroundings so I felt comfortable, it enabled me to feel relaxed, which helped build my confidence.

"In the future, I’d like to pursue a career working in the mental health field within the NHS. Working as a healthcare assistant has given me the opportunity to understand the care sector and build on my experience, which I believe will help me to develop a successful career moving forward."