“I felt like I was just a number at school. Teachers weren’t interested in me or preparing me for what I could do when I finished, they only wanted me to get the grades for their figures.

“I’m a creative person and I don’t find it easy to learn just sitting in a classroom reading a book. At school we were expected to sit still all day in class and it drove me mad. Things got so bad that I just didn’t want to go in anymore.

Ross dropped out of education when he was 16. It was around this time he started experiencing difficulties with his mental health. He isolated himself from his friends and didn’t want to leave the house.

It was when Ross sought help with his mental health that one of his social workers told him about The Prince’s Trust Team programme. Team is a 12-week personal development programme for young people to gain new skills, gain qualifications and meet new people.

We did lots of practical activities and projects that I really enjoyed. The staff were so supportive, and I began to feel more confident in myself. With the help of the Team staff I now have more confidence in myself and know that I am working towards my dream of becoming a freelance videographer so it will be worth it in the end.