This meant she was in and out of the psychiatric ward at hospital, and taking part in counselling sessions. Due to her mental health, Rosie was also signed off by her doctor as unable to work.

“I didn’t realise at the time quite how bad things had got. I was really upset and down all the time. I was at home all day and never wanted to leave the house. I would occasionally join my mum on a trip to the supermarket, but I had no desire to do anything other than stay in bed all day, playing videogames in my room. I was really lonely as my friends were all busy studying, but I had lost all motivation and had no courage to go anywhere or do anything.

Speaking to The Prince’s Trust was a suggestion made to Rosie by both the Job Centre and her doctor. She was introduced to Explore programme, a Prince’s Trust programme that gives disadvantaged young people the tools they need to change their lives for the better.

Right from the first day on the programme Rosie felt at home and comfortable enough to be herself, and started to realise her potential and self-worth again.

Being on the programme was so refreshing – everyone was so kind and welcoming to each other, it was totally different to anything I’d experienced.

"When I think back about the moments that really stood out to me, it was when the group made me realise how supportive I had been towards other people, and how I’d been able to make them feel good about themselves. I’d never realised this about myself and it completely blew me away. It is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, and has made me feel so much more confident.

"I also took part in the L’Oréal ‘World of Work Day’ which was really helpful and insightful. Struggling with anxiety, I had felt like work was a really intimidating place and that all that awaited me was more stress. The team at L’Oreal showed me this was just not the case, and it made me feel excited about pursuing my own goals again.

I honestly cannot put into words how much of a transformation I have gone through. My family and friends say I am a totally different person to this time last year, and I’m ready to put myself out there and apply for jobs. Before, I wouldn’t even want to leave the house, and now I’m making plans to travel on my own around the country.

"I’ve always experimented with my hair and piercings, but I used to feel uncomfortable with the attention this got from people and worried about what they would think of me. Now, I feel confident being myself and looking them in the eye. I feel like The Prince's Trust has brought me closer to who I am as a person and I finally feel happy in myself."

Rosie is currently looking forward to the future and wants to remain involved with The Prince’s Trust in any way possible. Her goal is to continue writing her book, find work in a bookshop and travel by herself to Scotland to visit friends.