Rachel, 24, from Glenburn, fell pregnant whilst she was at school. She was intent on doing well so she could provide for her son, but after she left college and couldn't find work, money ran low and she would often miss her own meals so that her son didn't go without.

"Most girls at my age were out with their friends and weren't thinking about having babies, but I was a single mum trying to get through school and college whilst holding down a part time job and caring for my son.

"I thought I'd easily get a hairdressing job after studying it at college, but there was nothing going and I was forced to sign on for Job Seekers Allowance. Sometimes money was so tight I couldn't afford the electricity to warm the house and often lived off one meal a day so that my son could have three."

Rachel’s JobCentre Plus work coach suggested she enrolled on Get into Healthcare, a Prince's Trust programme run in partnership with the NHS, that gives unemployed young people the skills they need to secure work in the sector.

"All I had was my hairdressing skills so I didn't think I stood a chance of being selected, but I was and I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard!" Get into Healthcare lasted six weeks, and in the final week Rachel was interviewed and secured a job with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Get into Healthcare taught me a wealth of new skills, but it also taught me that no matter how bad your life is, it can get better with the correct support. That's what The Prince's Trust gave to me; I went from nowhere to healthcare in just six weeks!

"Life is pretty fantastic right now; I work as a Healthcare Assistant at the Royal Hospital for Children and I'm on the path to working out next steps to applying to do a degree in Mental Health Nursing."

Congratulations to Rachel on winning this award, which is thoroughly deserved. She has shown incredible determination to forge a successful career and create a bright future for her and her son. On behalf of Delta, I wish her all the best and hope other people will be inspired by her achievements.
- Mike Henny, Head of Sales Development, Delta Air Lines

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