"I'd been unemployed for a long time and was uncertain of what the future held for me. That all changed when my work coach recommended The Prince's Trust.

"I took part in a programme with Gap at The Prince’s Trust in Newcastle. The course was designed to support young people like me boost our skills and experience to start a career in retail, and that’s what I did!

At first, I was anxious and worried about meeting new people, but the team instantly put me at ease! In fact, I was the first person to get the group talking and I surprised myself by taking the role as the leader.

"Everyone at Gap made us feel so welcome and like we were at home. The whole experience has built my confidence massively, it's improved my customer service skills and I feel much more positive.

Before, I didn’t think I could do any of the things I do now, but as soon as we got to Gap, we were encouraged to give everything a go. The team continue to push us to try new things! Now I love talking to the customers and that’s helped me build my confidence massively.

"I’ve also made so many friends. Being at Gap Dalton Park is honestly like being part of a family and I love it. The Prince’s Trust really did help me transform my life and I now have a career at Gap and a future I’m looking forward to!