The Queen’s Trust pledged to help The Prince’s Trust early on and in a way that’s proven to be game-changing.

Nicola Brentnall, Director of The Queen’s Trust, explains why:

“In our giving, we not only consider what a charity does but how it goes about its work. We saw how Prince's Trust programmes fitted our core purpose and, in working closely with the charity, could understand its emerging strategy.

With this confidence, we could trust the leadership team to deploy unrestricted funding from us in a way that would help it, and us, meet our goals. This gave The Prince's Trust sufficient headroom to grow and to innovate.

What The Queen’s Trust commitment meant to The Prince’s Trust wasn’t just about the funds to support young people, it was about having the financial confidence and strategic freedom to research areas of need and develop programmes that would resonate with young people.

As a result, The Prince’s Trust established signature programmes like Team and Get into, and sustain them long-term. These programmes genuinely engage young people from very diverse – and often harrowing – backgrounds, and quickly see them let down their guard, start to recognise their self-worth, and develop the tools and conviction that ultimately lead them to employment and a brighter future.

The Prince’s Trust was also able to create a structured system of post-programme support which sees every young person that takes part on a programme receive ongoing mentoring and contact, even when a programme has ended. Many young people cite this as critical in keeping their momentum going.

To date Prince’s Trust programmes have helped almost one million disadvantaged young people.

“What The Prince’s Trust has achieved is extraordinary. You only have to look at its latest advert to see how closely it understands young people and wants to give them the opportunity to gain long-term success in life. This is a key driver for our giving as we spend out our funding reserves. And the expertise of The Prince’s Trust is now not only benefiting young people in the UK but overseas as well through its international subsidiary.

“The Prince's Trust annual Youth Index is a widely-respected report covering the issues facing young people, demonstrating how investment in vulnerable young people benefits the UK as a whole. All these things have attracted us and many other donors to get behind and support this important cause.”

This year The Queen's Trust has given £1 million to help The Prince’s Trust broaden its programme delivery across Wales, an area where The Prince's Trust needs the greatest help to build a sustainable offer.

The Queen's Trust is keen to support communities outside London where, through our charity partners, our funds can help make a real difference. In working across Wales with The Prince's Trust, we hope to help place its offer in the Principality on a firmer footing for the future.

Thanks to more than three decades of support from The Queen’s Trust, The Prince’s Trust has been able help thousands of young people nationwide.