We work in schools across the region, helping them to support young people who are lacking in confidence and self-esteem, we also provide brilliant additional resources and activities that can be enjoyed by and benefit all students. 

Since the temporary school closures we have been looking at new ways that we can support teachers to continue to educate young people, whether they are children of key workers in the classroom or those who are learning from home. 

Teachers have loved our ideas about remote and digital learning tools and over the coming weeks we putting these plans into operation. It’s great that we can work so closely with schools at a time like this and ensure that students are still getting the education they deserve.

It’s really great to hear the feedback from the teachers and what our support will mean to them and the young people in their schools. They have said these initiatives will be a really strong and fun addition to their resources.

As part of our innovative plans, we are offering new digital options covering life skills, team work, advocacy and discovering business. This will help young people stay engaged with their education and receive support from The Princes Trust.

The part of my job that I enjoy the most is the Enterprise Challenge. This is an inter-school competition where young people are supported by trained mentors to take on a range of entrepreneurial challenges. By taking part young people have the opportunity to develop their confidence and aspirations for what they can achieve, increase their understanding of the world of work and their ability to have a positive impact on their wider community and society. It’s also a great way to develop important skills such as  team work, decision making, problem solving, communication, creative thinking and resilience. 

I am also working alongside the British Council to connect ‘Future Leaders’ from around the Commonwealth with Prince’s Trust colleagues, students and volunteers. If that was not enough I am a Commonwealth Games Champion, exploring innovative ways of connecting young people with our worldwide community. Its early days yet- but watch this space for details.

We are working very differently at The Prince’s Trust during these challenging times,  to make sure that young people have all the support they need. 

Whether you need support to get into work or training, advice on how to set up or maintain your business or just a chat about how to cope with day to day life at the moment, we can either help or signpost you to someone else who can.

Get in touch with us by calling free phone 0800 842 842 visit www.princes-trust.org.uk or Direct Message us