“I struggle quite badly with mental health problems, so left my last job in 2014 because of anxiety and depression. Over the past few years, I’ve been diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) and have had a child, all of which have kept me from working.”

Lockdown presented additional challenges to Poppy.

“I’d decided to apply for jobs, and there were suddenly lots more people applying for them. Not being able to go out and see people has been very isolating and lonely too.

“I already struggled before the lockdown but it made it more difficult, but luckily I found The Prince’s Trust through a charity for care leavers that supports me and have managed to get somewhere.”

Poppy took part in Get into Healthcare and was particularly encouraged that the upskilling course included job interviews at the end.

“It was a really good programme, with lots of information about the job itself and working in the healthcare sector. We also worked on interview techniques and CV building."

Poppy has successfully secured a job as a Care Assistant through The Prince’s Trust.

I’m really excited to start the job. Before The Prince’s Trust course, I didn’t feel like I was employable at all. Now that I can put the course on my CV, and that I have a job, I finally feel like a normal person.

Poppy’s advice to other young people struggling with finding employment during the pandemic is to take care of your mental health and stay persistent when looking for opportunities.

“I don’t think enough people know about the employment courses The Trust offers. A lot of unemployed people could do these jobs, as long as you’re passionate and resilient, because a lot of your training will be on the job.

“If you come to charities like The Prince’s Trust and do courses, or even just have a chat with a youth support worker, it will really help because it’s important to reach out for support right now.”