Polly has been volunteering for The Prince’s Trust for just over a year, but her Prince’s Trust journey started back in 2004 - when she received a loan for her own business.

Polly has always been a keen supporter of The Trust, and felt a real urge to support others with her skills and experience, so she explored volunteering as a way to give back to the community. 

I think of myself as a bit of a cheerleader, I love backing other people and just encouraging people to go for it.

Polly’s career path is impressive and full of creative ventures - she's has run her own interior design business, worked as an Operations Manager for an international fabric company, become a property investor and, most recently, she's trained as a coach. It was during her time as an Operations Manager that she discovered how much she enjoyed working with young people to help realise their potential. 

I love helping people build their confidence, recognising their potential and empowering them to speak up – I find it very rewarding to see others do well.

Polly reads lots of self-development and business books – she uses this knowledge along with her own experience to guide and help mentees. Polly is especially interested in confidence and works with young people to build theirs. 

“Sometimes we have self-limiting beliefs that are based on something really silly and, quite often, simply not true. I don’t want young people to be held back by this, so we work together to tackle the beliefs that aren't serving them, then build a plan of how they can achieve their goals.”

Polly would not describe herself as an academic and can find reading dry business books a challenge. So, instead she listens to them as audio books. Because of this she decided to create short videos summarising the top tips and insights learnt from the books. She said this is a great way of easily sharing knowledge with young people.

Polly explains that she gets so much back from volunteering too:

I really enjoy being around young inspiring people, full of energy, ideas and not afraid to be themselves. It’s so uplifting. If anybody else was thinking of volunteering as a mentor at The Trust, I'd just say do it, you can't go wrong.