School was not a happy experience for Phidizz. He found it hard to make the transition to secondary school. 

He got involved with petty crime and anti-social behaviour and was affiliated with a gang by the age of 14. He was permanently excluded from school by the age of 15 and homeless by the age of 17. 

“I knew I couldn’t carry on like this, so moved from my area to Leicester where I was introduced to my mentor Yasin, who also runs a recording studio and record label. He was working on Talent Match with The Prince’s Trust and saw the potential in me and my love of music. Through his support I was able to leave my previous life behind and put all my energy into music. 

“Yasin’s help has inspired me to help others through my music – I’m now training to be a peer mentor and I volunteer for The Prince’s Trust – sharing my story with other young people.

I now get paid to perform and I’m setting up a music business with help from The Trust’s Enterprise programme. My mum’s proud of me. Life is good!”

Phidizz is our National HSBC UK Breakthrough Award winner 2020. This award recognises the progress of young people in overcoming barriers and developing new skills.