Ozair had experience of working in America at a summer camp but could only find short-term jobs when he returned home to Scotland.

When the pandemic and lockdown occurred he found it even harder to find employment so decided to use the time to learn and gain more qualifications that would help him get a job in the field he enjoys.

Completing The Prince’s Trust Level Up course – a Google funded course where young people explored the foundational digital skills through fun and inventive projects.

Ozair is now hoping to use his new skills to find a job in web development and eventually emigrate to New Zealand.

Ozair said “I recently spent a summer working in America at a summer camp and on return managed to get a job that only lasted two months. Since then Covid ruined any chance at getting another, so in that time I have been trying to learn and get more qualifications to help me get a decent job. The opportunity with The Prince’s Trust’s digital course was great for me as it’s helping me to get into a field I enjoy.

“It’s hard to keep motivated when you’re looking for a job so when I heard about Level Up and the possibility to be a part of something with other young people with similar interests and goals, and to grow with them and fill my massive amounts of free time with something very constructive was appealing.”

I enjoyed meeting everyone and the group work and special guests offered insightful information on how to get into certain industries or jobs. It was good to hear how you can achieve them through unconventional means, basically saying there is a chance even if it doesn’t seem like it.

“I learnt a lot from the course itself and while gaining my certification which is a great boost to my CV. I’m now looking to get into web development and in a few years move to New Zealand as a skilled migrant.”