"Before The Prince’s Trust, I was new to Edinburgh, I didn’t speak much English and was struggling to find opportunities to work and make friends. It was a challenging time for me, I was depressed and also very insecure about myself at that time.

I was searching for help and came across The Prince’s Trust. I wasn’t sure what to expect but gave it a go as I needed help. 

"Then they supported me to develop my confidence and communication, through the Fairbridge programme. This was such a positive experience and from there I made friends and felt my life feel much more stable and that I was ready to take the next step. I wanted to work and get a job. 

"With no experience, I was struggling to find anything or get an interview. Like many young people, without experience, it can feel impossible to get an interview let alone work. It was tough, but again I was supported by Prince’s Trust and they helped me take part in the Get into Retail programme with Gap and this was a life-changing experience for me. In fact, I wouldn’t be here without them. 

"The whole programme was so welcoming for me, I built my customer service skills, developed my CV, interview skills and loved working with everyone. I was so thrilled to secure a job in the Edinburgh store. This started out as an 8-hour contract job, and then I was able to work there full time and spent 2 happy years there. It helped me with everything, the team were really kind and flexible – this has shaped the path I have now." 

"I’ve moved on working for The Bank of Scotland in Customer Service. My experience with Gap shaped this because I was used to handling money and dealing with customers thanks to Gap’s guidance. I’ve been working there since and I’m enjoying it, I’m studying too. 

I would tell anyone looking to support The Prince’s Trust or get help from them, to do it. The Prince’s Trust is willing to help you, through any situation. Just check it out, like I did and they will be there to support you. 

"I would strongly recommend any young person in a hard moment due to their working or living situation to contact the prince's trust. They have amazing people willing to help you and also their programmes are great. They will help you find new opportunities to improve your current situation.