Nilam Tambe, aged 18, lives in Bhavani Nagar, a slum area in Bhandup, with her mum, dad and two younger siblings. Home is a kitchen, toilet and shared sleeping area.

Nilam’s father is a labourer, making his daily wage on a construction site. The financial strain on the family is great as Nilam’s father tries to provide for the entire family and for three children in education. Nilam felt this strain deeply and after completing her Graduation in Commerce, she began looking for a job so that she could help support her younger siblings to stay in education.

Nilam heard about the Magicbus programme from one of her friends and decided to go to the centre to find out more. Learning employability skills such as IT and English, as well as personal development skills, Nilam found in the programme all the support she needed to turn around her troubles in finding a job. 

She threw herself into the programme and it wasn’t long before the programme’s employer partner, Kidzania, offered her a supervisor role. 

Loving working with children across the many different activities at Kidzania, Nilam began to realise that she was developing all the skills that she needed to fulfil a dream which was becoming ever clearer: that of becoming a teacher.

With her confidence steadily growing, she became able to hold huge crowds of students in the palm of her hand. Naturally, her customer service skills went on leaps and bounds and Nilam has found a contentedness in knowing that she’s both on the way to her dream job but also is able to support her family financially – something which gives her siblings a much better chance in life, too.

This course is a life changing experience for me. I had no direction but Magic Bus guided me with the right skills, the right training, the right life learning which I now implement in my work and  personal life. The best part is that I have successfully achieved my dream, something which would have taken a long time without this programme. Thank you so much for bringing such a good change in my life.

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