After the completion of her college course, Nicole began to suffer from anxiety and a mounting sense that her life was lacking direction. She had fleeting work experience which left her feeling disillusioned and worried about the prospect of looking for employment.

Through a close friend, Nicole heard about the Team Programme. She resolved to forge a better path for herself and signed up. Although she was initially hindered by a lack of confidence and nerves about meeting her fellow participants, Nicole soon blossomed. 

This breakthrough came during the Residential section of the programme.

I absolutely loved it – I built confidence, met new people and gained new friendships as well as having the opportunity to try lots of different things.

The Team programme also brought the opportunity for Nicole to gain extra qualifications as well as work experience, which she felt could help her achieve her long-term goal of working in tourism.

Nicole feels that the emphasis on teamwork and collaboration during the course has helped her confidence immensely. She is reapplying for college to do HNC Travel & Tourism which she hopes will lead to a successful career in the tourism industry.