For the last 19 years, NatWest has been working side-by-side in partnership with The Trust, flying the flag for youth innovation and enabling tens of thousands of young people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses.

Why? Because making youth enterprise work is vital to the UK economy.

James Graham, Community Programmes Manager at NatWest says:

Supporting youth enterprise through The Prince’s Trust is important; it helps young people from difficult and disadvantaged social backgrounds get jobs, it creates business, it promotes wealth, and that is good for the economy and very relevant to a bank.

In 2015, a 3-year donation by NatWest was pledged specifically to help young entrepreneurs; that donation contributed towards The Trust's Enterprise programme, supporting over 2,000 young people to explore their business idea.

“We want to inspire and enable young people to unlock their business potential, and what’s so good about The Prince’s Trust and its Enterprise programme is the way in which it helps young people do this. It asks the right questions in the right way and makes sure the people it helps are ready to start a business and can make a proper business case for it.”

The programme’s proven formula balances intensive business training with long-term mentoring to ensure young people have the strongest foundations on which to build and sustain their business ideas. Many of these young people overcome enormous social and personal hurdles to get their businesses off the ground, and each year NatWest applauds their achievements through its sponsorship of The Enterprise Award at the Regional and National Prince’s Trust Awards Series.

“What these young people achieve through The Prince’s Trust is amazing, and it is important to us that their efforts are recognised. Prince's Trust Awards is a great way to do this and because we work with The Trust through our regional offices in places like Manchester, Scotland and the South East, our people on the ground can go along and see the effects our partnership has in their region. It’s very effective.

Our people really enjoy meeting the young people face to face. Hearing their personal stories is very powerful and makes us proud to be supporting them.

Testament to this is the extent NatWest staff embrace the partnership. They have jumped on board fundraising activities – such as Million Makers – and they have given their time individually, directly supporting young people in changing their lives. Last year, 400 NatWest professionals volunteered to run employability workshops and provide mentoring to help over 2150 young people.

Enriching the partnership and its power to inspire new entrepreneurs is something that NatWest and The Trust are fully committed to. It is why, each year, NatWest sits down with The Trust to develop a strategic and dynamic communications plan that not only highlights the benefits of their partnership with The Trust to their stakeholders and policy makers, but encourages more young people to turn to The Trust for support.

These plans have helped create events such as 2016’s Tomorrow’s Business Awards, enabling over 300 young entrepreneurs, previously support by The Trust, to be nominated for awards to win prizes that money can’t buy and guidance from some of the UK’s best business minds.

“That was a fantastic example of a corporate partnership working together to create a quantifiably positive impact on the partnership and charity programme.

Additionally, the partnership has delivered viral campaigns, like 2017’s Enterprise Everywhere campaign – a satirical, video campaign featuring Celebrity Ambassador Alesha Dixon interviewing business owners about their products, driving viewers to find out more about Prince’s Trust Online.

Most recently, NatWest has supported the development and launch of The Trust’s new digital platform Prince’s Trust Online, enabling young people to access Enterprise content and mentoring in a more flexible way.

I am really impressed with how supportive The Prince’s Trust is in doing what’s best for our partnership. It is constantly on the lookout for ways in which it can support us. If you’re looking for the right programme and have an area you want to focus on that’s relevant to your business, The Prince’s Trust will support you in achieving that goal, and in a way that is genuinely in partnership with you.

The relationship between The Prince’s Trust and NatWest is changing young lives on a daily basis and still has plenty of room to grow. Thanks to NatWest’s generous support and the value it places on improving the prospects of young people, its partnership with The Trust is helping to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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