"My partner and I had just moved into the area and I wanted to get back into work now that my daughter was older. The last job I had was in a bar, and at the time I was applying for absolutely everything, including other bar work and cleaning roles - but I just wasn’t getting anything back after sending in my applications.

"It was then that my brother told me about The Prince’s Trust, as he had completed a course several years ago and said that it would be the perfect opportunity for me to gain experience in the workplace and to give my confidence a boost.

"At the time I was already caring for my mum as well as my mum’s friend - you know, one of your mum’s friends that is like an auntie to you, helping them both with the day-to-day things to make their life easier. When I got accepted onto the Get into course and started the training, it confirmed that working in Social Care was the job for me.

"There was so much to take in and learn in the five weeks with The Prince’s Trust. We learned about Health & Safety, First Aid, Moving & Assisting, Child Protection and Adult Protection. We'd complete one course a day, sometimes even two, and we'd get mentoring and support throughout.

"After the training, we started a placement shadowing another Healthcare Assistant. I supported a woman who was in a wheelchair and who was actually quite independent. She'd made up her mind what she wanted to do and so we were just there to help her with her needs. She had a better social life than I do and we became good friends! Things like that really change what you think Social Care is all about.

"The course ended on my 30th birthday with a celebration event and an interview with Cornerstone for a permanent job. I found out just the next day that I was successful and I now have a job in Social Care!

"If you're interested in Social Care and are thinking about applying to The Prince’s Trust, I’d say just go for it - just put your mind to it and get it done. There are all these different routes into work that I didn’t know existed. Just by getting back into learning through the Get into programme, with the hands-on element of the placement and even the social side of things, I am back on track.