“I moved to the UK at the age of 16 with my mother who at the time was offered a scholarship to study a PhD. I completed my secondary school education and college, and after that I studied for my degree in architecture.
“During my studies, my mother developed a spine condition and I became her carer. It was a life-changing and heart-breaking moment to see the strongest person in my life becoming weaker day by day. I kept going and managed to complete my studies, as well as holding down a weekend job and looking after my younger siblings.
"After graduating I spent a year and a half working part-time doing all sorts of local jobs.
I often thought about the future and what I wanted to become, and I must admit I had a fear of working for a large organisation.
"I was also worried about who would look after my mother and I would often postpone my plans, telling myself ‘when things get better, I will start my career’. Then eventually I came to terms with the situation and realised nothing will change unless I do."
“I really wanted to start a sustainable job - a career to be in a better position to support myself and my family. I didn’t know where to start and didn’t even have a CV. I got in touch with The Prince’s Trust and they offered me different options from setting up my own business, to studying or training for a job. I then started the Get into Railways programme."
“I entered the February 2018 intake, spending two weeks in a classroom and two weeks on a placement at a station. Following on from this, I was offered the role as a Station Assistant (platform) which commenced in May 2018.
My mentor really supported me through my transition period and through difficult times.
“I enjoy every day working on the railway. I love being part of our team and assisting passengers. My ambition is to progress into a management role and develop further leadership skills to inspire and support more young people."