Nadine signed up to The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme to continue working towards her dream of running her own business. She signed up for a Get Started with Product Design programme to learn how to design and develop her own products. Nadine excelled on the course, which finished at the end of February, and has not let the lockdown stop her plans.

Since the Enterprise course ended, Nadine has been doing a virtual work placement with Banasa, one of the members from Makerversity, who ran the programme in conjunction with The Prince’s Trust. Although the placement has to be virtual at first, Nadine is loving the opportunity to learn more about the whole product design process. 

“The Get Started with Product Design programme was really interesting. It was run at Somerset House! I learnt about sustainable materials and packaging and got to meet lots of new people. At the end of the programme, I was selected to get a placement at Ksoni, the company run by Banasa and her business partner Joti.”

Nadine’s placement with Banasa is three months long. She is doing the first half virtually, and will complete the second half when lockdown is lifted, so she can have full access to the facilities at Makerversity in Somerset House.

“Ksoni are an organic, sustainable company that focus on shower gel, conditioner and shampoo for all hair types. All their packaging can be recycled. I am helping them with developing a new product and looking into travel size versions of their products too. 

“I am doing lots of research and learning the process from beginning to end. They are working on new fragrances and I have overseen mixing and matching to find a good scent.”

Before the lockdown, Nadine’s business Nails Trip was focussed on providing services, but she’s rethinking her plan and is now creating care packages for people in isolation. Her business, Nails Trip, is now focussed on providing professional beauty products that promote self-care such as cuticle oil pens and the care packages which include manicure and pedicure essentials as well as a cocktail.

I am working one day a week with Banasa, and she has been so helpful with mentoring me on my own business and future products, so it’s helping me grow my business too. I’m also a model, and that work is starting to pick up again, so I’m busy!

Nadine is learning so much and has been enjoying working with Banasa and her team at Ksoni while growing her own business. She wants to experience the whole process and help develop the product from beginning to end. “I’ve loved it so far. Working with Banasa has been amazing!”