Megan always wanted to go to college to learn more about the Care sector, but through personal circumstances she didn’t know how to gain the qualifications needed to access the courses available.

She first heard about The Prince’s Trust Scotland’s Get into The NHS course when she was browsing Facebook one evening. Looking to get back into work after taking time off to have her baby daughter, Megan realised that she didn’t need to be studying or already have qualifications to apply.

The Prince’s Trust provided free travel and childcare for Megan, making it even more accessible for her to attend the course as well as her placements across the Borders where she lives.

For Megan, the course became one of the best ways for her to get back to work after having a baby. Previously, her private care shifts were irregular and often came at short notice, meaning she often couldn’t find childcare in time.

She said: "The Prince’s Trust didn’t ask anything of us - I didn't need to supply my CV and it didn't matter that I don’t have many qualifications. It gives opportunities and places to people like me - people who want to get back to work but don’t know how."

As a mother I needed a bit more stability in my shifts and I feel The NHS is a reliable and supportive employer. I was part of a bigger team and people were really friendly and wanted to help each other.

Megan is now employed as a bank healthcare worker, which means that she can be called up at any time and offered shifts to suit her childcare arrangements.

What she loves the most is the variety of work that she gets to do, including shifts in community hospitals and working in mental health wards supporting in-patients. Facing new but exciting challenges every day, Megan’s confidence continues to grow and she now feels the door is open for her to pursue further learning.

If I hadn't gotten on the course, I would still be at home, trying to figure out what I was going to do.

"There is an Open University course that I have been looking at, so once you've worked for The NHS for a number of years, you can actually apply to do your nursing degree."

"I always wanted to do something like that, and if I hadn't done this course, I wouldn't be exploring this for the future. It is just such a practical way of gaining a qualification and you learn whilst on the job. It’s really exciting."

Since completing the course, The Prince’s Trust Scotland has also supported Megan to get behind the wheel, providing a £500 grant towards her driving lessons, allowing her to access more shifts across the rural communities where she lives.