Deciding he needed work experience, he reached out to The Prince’s Trust and has now improved his employability skills and feels more hopeful about finding a job.

Mark, 23, finished his Social Sciences degree in 2019 but struggled to find employment. With his confidence decreasing, he spent some time volunteering, and he was keen to gain work experience to broaden his horizons and keep himself busy.

Hearing about The Prince’s Trust Get into Engineering course with BAE, he applied as he wanted to gain an insight into engineering whilst also improving his employability skills such as filling out applications, interview preparation techniques and how to deal with setbacks when applying for jobs.

Whilst on the course, Mark built relationships with his peers and this positive experience meant he was starting to feel a lot more confident. He continued to engage with The Trust after the course, receiving further support with searching for jobs and the application process.

During 121’s with his keyworker, Mark also practiced interview questions and different competencies which meant he is in a good position to resume his job search in a positive manner.

He said: “The course and the work I’ve done with my keyworker has helped to boost my confidence about interviews and put me more at ease in these situations.  

Without that help I don't believe I would be as well-equipped as I am now in finding employment opportunities, and in not allowing setbacks in applying for jobs to get me down.