Mark Butler at Gap

As part of The Prince's Trust 10-year partnership celebrations with Gap, we have loved catching up with the amazing people, like Mark Butler from Cardiff, who have made our partnership so special and finding out what positive wellbeing means to them.

"Having been unemployed for a long time, I was struggling with my social skills which made it difficult to find work. But then I found The Prince’s Trust and all that changed.

"I was really nervous about trying something different, but it was a very worthwhile experience.

In fact, I learnt more in those two weeks in building my confidence and how to get in job in retail than anything else before. From cash wrap and clothing to working with customers and finding out more about denim, we covered everything! 

"Three years later, I’m still at Gap and loving it. I honestly couldn’t imagine I would be here in this position, even feeling brave enough to share my thoughts through this blog! I’ve gained so much experience, and am really proud of learning about hemming and denim.I even went to London to work with the Gap Head Office team and worked with Marketing to learn about Visual Merchandising – it was amazing!

What I love so much now is that when new young people come into store to take part in our programmes, I'm sharing my skills with them – something I would have never thought possible! I can truly say securing this job has truly improved my own wellbeing so much. The active and fast-paced nature of the role really works for me and I’m constantly learning new things.