Lily recently moved back to the UK after spending time away in Australia where she'd been studying and teaching Yoga.

With an ambition to turn her yoga skills into a social enterprise, Lily approached The Prince’s Trust for support in setting up Yoga With Lily.

Lily’s goal was to set up a business with both private and social enterprise clients with the latter focusing on introducing teenagers to yoga and meditation to overcome both mental and physical challenges.

After completing the Enterprise course, she received a grant from The Trust which allowed her to buy equipment that she needed to take her course out into the community.

She began offering schools in the area the opportunity to try her services for free and before the closure of schools due to the Coronavirus outbreak, she was running courses in four high schools across the Lothians, often working with the hardest to reach young people which was making a huge difference to their wellbeing.

Lily has also delivered sessions for Prince’s Trust staff to promote healthy wellbeing, and she has got involved in helping to support other young women coming through The Trust by helping out with Girl’s Week, where she offered a morning of meditation and went through the importance of reflection with the group.

Lily said:

I’ve been so impressed with the young people I’ve been working with and their enthusiasm for yoga and meditation.

"Doing these practices for the first time can be hard and awkward, especially in those teenage years, but they have been so keen to get involved. The course runs for 10 to 14 weeks and a post-event survey showed me that the majority of participants used at least one technique outside of school which is fantastic and demonstrates the benefits of meditation and yoga when it comes to managing anxiety and boosting wellbeing.

After social distancing advice was issued by the government, Lily had to cancel all her sessions and is now developing online courses specifically aimed at both her private clients and the schools and charities she’s worked with previously.

Investing in new kit so her videos will be of a high quality, Lily will soon have her sessions on Teachable, the online course platform with various sessions based on different themes.

She added: “When it became apparent that mass gatherings would be banned and social distancing was coming into force, I didn’t want to make any rash decisions and instead took a week or so to have a think about how I could take my business online, while ensuring I had the capabilities to do so. Now, I’m really excited about getting the content filmed and posted online – all of which will be centred around practices that people can easily do in their homes. The Enterprise Relief Fund scheme from The Prince’s Trust and NatWest gives me hope that there are organisations trying to support young entrepreneurs through this time.

I’ll also be speaking to the schools I worked with to make sure that the young people have access to my sessions too and to let them know that the progress they’ve made with yoga and meditation can continue even in these uncertain times.