Liam, from Lerwick on Shetland, was previously self-employed but had to stop working due to ill health. Feeling he went into his initial business slightly unprepared, he wanted to ensure he felt ready to devote himself to his next venture properly after he recovered enough to work again.

So, he reached out to The Prince’s Trust and although lockdown had been implemented, Liam was able to take part in the virtual Enterprise course.

Liam said: “I found the course really useful in terms of updating my self-employment knowledge. I also learned a lot that I just didn’t know when I started up my previous business. I also had 121 support sessions with a member of staff after I completed the course and I had realised that I needed to work on my personal development. I recognised I needed to work on my confidence and sense of self identity before I would be ready to get back into work.”

The Personal Development sessions that Liam took part in were based around wellbeing, understanding and handling behaviours, communication and confidence. Throughout these, Liam could feel his self-belief building and he began to focus on his goals of self-improvement in his 121 sessions which has helped him massively.

Now, Liam is continuing to work with his support worker at The Trust to work out his next steps. He has signed up for a course with another organisation to become an accredited alternative therapist, something he’s always wanted to do, and is in a good place to now take this ambition forward.

He added: “The combination of groupwork and 121 work has not only improved my confidence but has made me really think about who I am and how to discuss this with my family."

Before I worked with The Trust, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable taking part in activities and talking to others in a group setting, but I’ve done all this and more. The support I’ve had from The Prince’s Trust has made me look at the positive aspects of my life rather than the negatives and I have a better sense of my own self-identity which has made me feel much more positive about myself overall.