Liam Frazer, 19, from Norfolk, gained a place on a Get Started with Music course in Kings Lynn, showing his determination to succeed despite the daily two-hour journey to take part.

After the course he took up the offer of ongoing support from a Volunteer Mentor to help him maintain his momentum. Liam was matched with John, a Volunteer Mentor with nearly 30 years’ experience with The Trust.

I needed support because anxiety is a big demon of mine. My anxiety was sky high. I kept worrying people didn’t like me. Back then I didn’t see a way out so I got involved to bring some hope to my life.

When they were first matched, Liam was quite shy and found communication difficult; he seemed stuck in a rut. The two continued to work together and slowly began to work out what Liam wanted to achieve, and how together they would get there. There were a few false starts, changes of direction but, out of the blue, something clicked. Liam is in a much better place now and he has recently secured a six-month contract with Marks and Spencer, working 18 hours a week in the food hall.

Liam said: "Since having this job, every other aspect of my life has improved, the pressure has been lifted. My mind-set has changed."

Liam was keen to let John know about his positive outcome and arranged for them to meet up so Liam could buy John a coffee and say 'thank you' in person. John noticed a big difference in Liam, from the shy person he initially met.

John said:

He was more confident and open in himself. He was smiling! He’s come a long way and 90% of that he’s done himself. Working with Liam is one of my highlights. 

Liam credits John with keeping him motivated and helping achieve his aims. He says: "John is such a good man. He just kept in contact and checked in to see how I was getting on. He was like a guardian angel. The Trust has probably calmed me down a little bit, helped me to relax, enjoy the ride and not put pressure on myself."

Liam is passionate about his experience with The Trust, and urges other young people to get in touch for support.

Just get involved, it’s a great charity and it does wonders for young people; especially for young people with mental health issues. They support and motivate so get involved! The Prince’s Trust shifted the darkness in my life away and I’m a changed man! I am now getting good feelings about my life.