After his enrolment at college Lewis felt alienated and alone. He suffered from such bad depression that he attempted suicide. Signing up to The Prince's Trust Enterprise Programme helped him set up his illustration business giving him a fresh start.

Lewis was home schooled till the age of 16 and missed out on a fully socialised childhood. From the age of 14, after seeing someone close to him suffer with anxiety and depression, he experienced it himself and didn't know how to cope. He enrolled at college which he saw as an opportunity to finally lead a normal teenage life but sadly the reality was quite different.

When I got there I felt even more alienated and alone. My life quickly went from bad to worse; I was swamped by depression and attempted suicide.

The turning point came when a friend of Lewis' pointed him towards The Prince’s Trust for support in setting up his own business as a professional illustrator.

I’d always had a passion for art and design but it was The Trust who helped me make those dreams a reality. With their help I established my business and went on to achieve things I never thought were possible.

With support from The Trust, Lewis is building a successful business doing what he loves and has turned his life around.

The Prince’s Trust were the first ones to see me in a positive light. My confidence has gone from zero to a hundred in such a short space of time and now I’m really excited about the future.