When Laura first came to The Trust she was already 75% there in terms of preparing to launch her now multi-award-winning children’s nursery; she simply needed help understanding business legalities and finalising her overall business plan.

The Enterprise programme "tied everything up" for her and within a year of opening Child’s Play Private Nursery, Laura had to extend the premises to cope with demand.

The expansion was a very clear confirmation of Laura’s achievements and so too was being asked to become a Young Ambassador.

Laura says: “Being a Young Ambassador means being a good advocate for them. I think having someone at a fundraising or awareness-building event who can say ‘I’ve been through this, I did that course and it helped me’ makes it more realistic for people. You become a visual reality of what can be achieved. And it makes all the difference.”

It was really nice to be asked and humbling too. I’ve been back to where I started on Enterprise to give inspirational talks, alongside the same teacher who took my course. That’s been pretty special.

“I’ve spoken at a black tie event and been down to Parliament, which is somewhere I’d only ever seen on TV before. That was a real highlight actually – I met loads of MPs and got to speak to Nicky Morgan from the Department for Education, which was amazing and something I’d never have got to do if I hadn’t been a Young Ambassador. It’s been great for getting my name out there.”

Laura has made the most of her year-long volunteering opportunity: not only do all the parents of her nursery children know she works closely with The Prince’s Trust, but she’s applied her experience in public speaking to her work.

In fact, Laura now presents regularly to her staff, inspiring them with the passion and conviction she’s learnt.

When you become a Young Ambassador, you go on a two-day training course. I’d always been a quick talker and mumbler before, but the course helped me define how I’d speak publically. I still get nervous before speaking at an event – if you don’t get nervous, something’s wrong – but I’m less anxious than I was two years ago and I know if I’m worried, someone at The Trust is always there to help.

The impact Laura has made through being a Young Ambassador is key to the continued work of The Trust – from raising awareness to inspiring supporters to invest.

The experience has impacted on Laura too. She credits her role with improving her confidence and defining her personal and professional development. As a result, Laura feels her ambitions seem increasingly more attainable.

“Being a Young Ambassador can really help your business and your confidence. I’ve got to meet some amazing people and heard about the challenges they’ve overcome, I’ve had some incredible opportunities, and I’ve made some good contacts along the way, too.

It’s a brilliant thing to be able to say you’ve done and definitely worth doing, not just for you but because it means you’ll be helping other young people to get on in life too.