After returning home from China, Laura wanted to explore creating her own business based on her experience of teaching English.

With no real business knowledge, she decided to use lockdown to learn what was needed so she could set up a recruitment agency for teachers wanting to teach English in different countries around the world.

Laura, from Glasgow, reached out to The Prince’s Trust and was told about the Enterprise programme which was perfect for her.

She said: “After I graduated from the University of Stirling in 2018, I decided to take a risk and applied to teach English in China. I lived and taught in China for just over one year but unfortunately had to return to the UK due to COVID-19. During lockdown I had a lot of spare time on my hands and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to explore the possibility of creating my own business.

“The first and most obvious barrier for me was COVID-19 as there were many travel restrictions set in place and relocation was put on hold for several months. This has meant that I have had to postpone the start date of my business, but it also gave me more time to work on my business plan and to complete paperwork.”

After creating her business plan and financial projections, Laura realised the initial costs were going to be slightly more than she had anticipated. But after taking part in the online Enterprise course, she felt more confident that she would be able to raise the money needed and now believes her idea is a realistic goal.

I came across The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme online and I was inspired by the number of success stories. I really enjoyed the virtual meetings that were held throughout lockdown and connecting with members of The Princes Trust as well as other likeminded people gave me the boost in confidence that I needed to continue.

"I am grateful l for the support and guidance that I received. I needed this support, especially when I was at the beginning of my journey as I was unsure of where to start and I was worried about finance. My goal is to have a successful recruitment agency which allows me the freedom to support myself in the present and future".