Kyle was spending his time volunteering for the British Heart Foundation in his hometown because he struggled to find employment.

His ADHD meant he found it difficult to concentrate which in turn resulted in him having low confidence especially when it came to job interviews.

Having previously completed The Prince’s Trust’s Team programme, he saw an advert for a Get into Retail course with Marks & Spencer and was instantly interested. From his volunteering experience, Kyle felt that retail would be a good fit for him and that given the opportunity he could do well.

He said: “My ADHD caused me a lot of problems. I found it hard to concentrate and I didn’t do well in interviews. This all meant I didn’t have much confidence and so I really struggled to find a job. I began volunteering which I enjoyed so I had experience and something to fill my days. I realised that working in retail would be something that I was good at and would enjoy.

When I saw that The Prince’s Trust was running a retail course in my area, I was attracted to it mainly due to my previous positive experience with The Trust. I knew how helpful the staff were and as I really wanted to get a job in retail it felt like the perfect choice for me.

Kyle flourished on the course and secured a permanent position with Marks & Spencer which he loves. He is also a Young Ambassador for The Trust which has given him another boost to his self-belief.

He added: “I had an amazing time on the course. Both the staff at The Trust and Marks & Spencer were so encouraging. They helped me find the confidence and develop the skills I needed to get a job. When I was told I had been successful in getting a job as retail assistant I was so happy. My ambitions are to stay with Marks & Spencer for many years to come and hopefully become a manager one day”.