“Prior to working at Gap I had struggled to find and get into work. This was due to a lack of experience as well as a lack of confidence within myself. I was told about The Princes Trust from my local Job centre and was encouraged to give it a go.

Working with The Princes Trust allowed me to push myself past personal boundaries and grow in confidence. The skills i learnt from working with the Princes Trust allowed me to be able to confidently interview for roles and ultimately land a job at Gap.  

"From this I have grown much more in confidence and succeed in my initial role with the company and within store. Within a year of being at Gap I was giving the opportunity to go to the Wembley store and set up ready for the upcoming new flow images. This was an absolutely amazing opportunity that again helped with confidence and self belief. I am now Acting Floor Manager for our store and this is an achievement that prior to working at Gap I never thought was possible or that it was something that I was capable of doing. This is all down to the support and guidance that Cat has provided since working with her.  

"Looking back, I was so doubtful that anything would work to help me get into work due to having no prior experience but The Princes Trust really changed that for me. It definitely changed my life for the better and I am so glad that I pushed myself to do it in the first place." 

To anyone that is looking for support getting into work, look at The Princes Trust, push yourself past personal boundaries and go for it, it is life changing.