“After I had my babies, I was really anxious – it’s probably linked to the haze of sleep deprivation and the massive change to your life pace.

“My post-natal anxiety made me realise I needed to take a break from my previous job in healthcare and relax, and I wanted to help other people do the same.”

Kimberley joined The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise course in Manchester two years ago for help setting up her thriving self-care business Nourish Northern Mamas.

“I wanted to take something positive out of the situation I was in, and I needed something to channel my energy and time into. Setting up the business really improved my mental health. It was important to me that I was helping others focus on self-care, because it helped me personally.”

Kimberley credits the Enterprise course for much of her businesses’ success.

The Prince’s Trust gave me the confidence to start my business and sustain it for two years, helped me with a great business mentors Lucy, then more recently Nigel and connected me with other young entrepreneurs through its business events.”

Nourish Northern Mamas has evolved greatly over the past two years, while keeping the principles of self-care and taking time for your wellbeing at its heart.

“The bullet journal club is the bread and butter of the business now, and I didn’t know I’d end up doing that so much! I also do workshops for charities and businesses with creative self-care ideas and I create worksheets and mood charts.

“When I set up Nourish Northern Mamas I was focused on mothers because I couldn’t find any social clubs that supported our wellbeing and a chance to do something fun that wasn't baby focused. Now almost half of the people that use Northern Nourish Mamas don’t have children and use self-care to help them deal with things like stressful jobs or caring responsibilities.

“Originally it was aimed at women, but now men sometimes come too. We also have people attending online sessions from as far as Cornwall and London – we’re becoming Nourish National Mamas!”

The pandemic means that Kimberley has had to cancel her in person events for the foreseeable future.

“I’m always telling people to be resilient and adaptable, so I took a moment to pause and think what’s my next step was. I launched my ‘class in a box’ idea, where you receive a box with self-care worksheets, stationary and tea pig teas, and can attend online zoom self-care classes twice a month with me from your own home.

“I think it’s really important now to connect with other people and take time out for yourself. I’m happy I can reach out to more people with online delivery who haven’t been able to get involved before.

“My family motto is believe, and that’s what The Prince’s Trust means to me – they put belief in a person when they don’t have it.”