Before joining The Prince’s Trust, Kevin Gibbons spent 34 years working for HMRC in a wide variety of positions – primarily customer-facing and learning and development roles.

Volunteer Kevin Gibbon

"I had some previous experience of volunteering as a coach for youth football for 15 years but that all came to an end once my son reached the age of 18. On a personal level, I felt that I now had more free time than I ever had before and I wanted to use this time to support young people who face some very difficult challenges in their lives. I wanted to work with them to help them to reach their full potential. This is what made me decide to seek volunteering opportunities with The Prince’s Trust.

"When I started at The Trust as a secondee, I began supporting with the Enterprise programme. My role consisted of two key parts: working with national and local referral agencies to outline the benefits of the Enterprise programme and attending events to promote the benefits of Enterprise to young people and outlining the help, support and guidance available to them.

"One aspect of volunteering that I have enjoyed is meeting so many different people and the fact that every meeting is different – one day you can be meeting a Senior Manager, the next your meeting a homeless young person who needs help.

I know it’s a cliché, but it’s impossible to think of just one highlight from volunteering at The Trust. I worked with some fantastic people and would like to thank them for their support. I also met some inspiring young people who I am simply in awe of – some of those memories will live with me forever.

"I learnt a lot about myself and now appreciate things much more than I did before. Some of the experiences I had were also fantastic – from working in prisons to setting up a pop-up shop to learn how to do magic tricks – it’s all been so rewarding.

"To be a good volunteer I think you need to be able to listen and communicate with the young people. It’s also really important to learn not to judge people. For instance, I learnt a lot about myself while working in prisons. It made me realise that although sometimes people a mistake and then have to pay for it for a long time, it doesn’t mean they don’t have potential.

Volunteering helps you to admit to your own shortcomings and realise that nobody is perfect – everyone has the ability to make mistakes. It’s vital as a volunteer that you support the young people in any way that you can and don’t judge them, listen to them.

"If you know anyone who is thinking about volunteering at The Trust, I would tell them go for it and immerse themselves completely in the role. It’s a time that will help you to develop yourself as well as the young people. Volunteering provides positive outcomes for all involved. I’ve worked at the same organisation for 30 years and although I already knew of The Trust, volunteering gave me the chance to understand much more about the charity and how it supports young people.

"Anyone interested in volunteering should go for it and take the opportunity to experience something that will change how you feel as a person and help you develop yourself and the young people."