Afraid to remain at home, Kerry left and started a new life, but was soon drawn into an abusive relationship which made her fear for her children’s safety.

"It felt like life was always going to be the same. I never had an education and I thought that because of that I would never get a good wage and that I’d always struggle to get by."

Determined to create a better life for her children, Kerry enrolled on a childcare course, ended her relationship, and started a completely new life. She gained work experience at a day care nursery and became focused on starting her own children’s nursery.

Knowing she needed help, Kerry approached us and participated in the Enterprise programme, which helps unemployed young people start up in business. With our support, Kerry researched her market, secured start-up funds and gained Ofsted accreditation.

Within a year of trading, Kerry’s Evesham Day Nursery had 60 children on its books, employed eight staff and was Ofsted accredited. Confident and capable, Kerry has now moved into larger premises and hopes to grow her business by opening more nurseries in the future.

Having The Prince’s Trust there for me gave me so much confidence. They believed in me and supported me all the way and made me feel I was good and could do anything.

"To be honest, I never thought just me, one person could do it, but The Trust showed me that I could and now I’ve got a life I never thought I’d have. It’s amazing."


  • Andrew Henderson, Programme Manager, The Prince's Trust
  • Neil Chance, Rocks Cottage