A year ago, Kayanne, from the West Midlands, could never have imagined that her life would include a new career in a new location and a promotion within the hospitality sector

With help from The Prince’s Trust Get into Customer Service programme, she has been able to transform her life.  

“Before I started in hospitality, I’d worked for over 10 years in administration but was made redundant and found it difficult to find work."

"In addition my relationship was breaking down, I was stressed, became homeless and ended up in hospital. I had to move away from family and friends to start over, which was hard."

Although she had work experience, her confidence was low and she didn’t feel she had the support or the strength she needed to move forward. However, The Prince’s Trust and her new employers could see her potential. They could also see her caring side, as she offered help to others on the programme.  

Kayanne said: “While on the Get into programme I started to feel like myself again, I was surrounded by people who also wanted to change their lives for the better. I was encouraged to step outside my comfort zone, which increased my confidence so much!  

My life is so different. I’m now working for a hotel chain as an acting reception manager. I’ve gone from feeling like my life was over to feeling like anything is possible.

"Through The Trust and support from my employer, I can now reach my full potential. I’m also looking to study for a degree in counselling too. I’m really excited about my future!”

Kayanne is our National Homesense Young Achiever of the Year 2020. The award recognises the success of young people getting into employment, training or education and overcoming substantial barriers to transform their lives.