Katie, 29, from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, experienced a traumatic childhood which led to her being taken into care and eventually adopted.

Initially, Katie did well in education, gaining a place at university but at 19 she dropped out and took jobs in pubs and nightclubs. At 22 she became pregnant and subsequently married and had another child.

Katie felt trapped and frustrated as a stay-at-home mum, despairing of finding rewarding work that would fit around her family’s needs.

A business concept began to develop in her mind relating to affordable bridal wear after the experience of her own wedding. She had often wanted to start a business venture but lacked the confidence and knowledge to take on such a huge challenge.

Then Katie discovered The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, which helps unemployed young people set up in business. That was all she needed to encourage her to move into the business world. She received invaluable support from the team who helped her work on her business plan and prepare for presentation to the panel. As a result, she's now the proud owner of House of Oliver

As the business plan neared completion, Katie suddenly lost confidence that she could succeed but The Trust arranged for a mentor to sit with her and talk it through, giving her the encouragement to “go for it”.

Katie has not looked back. She is full of enterprising ideas to develop and expand her business. She employs staff, some of whom have special needs, and trains and mentors them personally.

She is also undertaking inspirational speaking on behalf of The Trust’s Explore Enterprise course. 

The motivation for Katie’s drive stems from her children and she is determined to ensure they have the benefits she may have missed out on as a child.

I will be eternally grateful for the help, encouragement and support that I have received from the countless people I have met at The Prince’s Trust. I would never have got my business started without them. I completely feel like I’m supposed to be doing what I’m doing. A huge thank you.