"Before The Prince's Trust, I spent a long time unemployed. I really struggled with my confidence and was extremely shy, so I found it difficult to speak to people and my confidence was pretty low.

"For a long time I found it hard at college and then when I left I was unemployed. I just couldn't seem to talk to people or put myself out there and continued to struggle with the shyness. I didn't know what I was going to do.

"I found out about The Prince's Trust and took part in the Get into Retail programme with Gap. Taking part in the experience honestly did so much for me and it was life-changing.

It taught me so much from interacting with other people I could now start telling myself that I didn't need to be shy anymore - to be honest it made me another person - a better person. Most of all it was having the opportunity to develop my confidence which has made such a huge difference.

"Now I’m working at the Gap store in Stratford and it’s brilliant! I love working with such a positive and fun team who encourage me.

"It was a brilliant opportunity to be part of the Kiss radio workshop and to create the Future Steps radio - I can’t wait to hear it in store!