Joseph, a university graduate, had been out of work for an extended period and had never held a secure, long-term position. He dreamed of being able to start his own business but lacked the confidence and know-how to pursue this and put his degree to good use.

After suffering multiple setbacks, Joseph found it difficult to maintain his motivation and began to feel as though his dreams were slipping through his fingers. Eventually, he found out about The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme – a course aimed at helping budding business owners and entrepreneurs gain the skills and resources they need to bring their ideas to life.  

He took part in opportunities designed to instil self-confidence and revelled in the new experiences he was involved in. Joseph felt that the willingness of the staff to listen and provide honest, practical and objective support was massively beneficial.

As he progressed through the Enterprise programme, Joseph’s confidence began to grow and after completing the course, he made great strides towards building his business – Reclaimer Games – which would focus on creating games and interactive experiences for organisations such as museums and local charities. Using contacts he made whilst on the course, Joseph had multiple project meetings with interested clients.

However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the progress Joseph’s business was making came to a halt. Planned projects fell through and potential backers were forced to suspend their interest in his company in the name of self-preservation. 

During and after the Enterprise course I felt more assured and felt properly prepared to pull together a presentation and represent myself well to potential clients. 

“My business has mostly focused on creating interactive experiences and games for the now heavily impacted sector of museums and local charities. We were actually in the midst of setting up a project meeting with a client when we were forced to delay and ultimately postpone the project due to the epidemic. We had also been introduced to a digital marketing agency, but not long after they had to dissolve the company due to lack of clients and events. I count at least three projects we will have missed because of the epidemic.

“On the upside Creative Scotland made grants available which I have applied for and I have registered my interest in The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Relief Fund. 

Right now, I am using the time to prototype and design games. Ultimately, I am hoping the gravity of the situation will slingshot me into a better position than I was in before; at least in terms of operating capital to fund bigger projects and employ the right people. We have had to change directions and grab new opportunities as they present themselves.

Despite these enormous setbacks, Joseph has refused to let this situation overwhelm him. He has been using his time wisely; fine-tuning aspects of his business, as well as designing new interactive software. 

Joseph remains optimistic, believing that Reclaimer Games will be a success despite finding himself in a precarious position for young businesses.

He says: “A rock has been thrown into the stream changing the direction, but I am still very much along for the ride.”