19-year-old Jordan from Glasgow was unemployed and unfulfilled after various stints working in fast food joints.

After his work coach at the Job Centre told him about the Get into Vehicle Maintenance course, being delivered in partnership with Arnold Clark, Jordan made an appointment with an Operations Executive from The Prince’s Trust who was visiting the centre.

He quickly applied and was chosen as one of the participants, and as soon as the course started, Jordan was determined to do well.

The camaraderie, training and fun nature of the course, meant Jordan began to flourish and he started to enjoy working – something that he hadn’t experienced before.

Jordan said: “For the first time I was really interested in my work. It was fun, I was learning every day and although it was hard work the atmosphere was great. It really felt like our trainers cared which made a huge difference to me. I responded well to this environment and wanted to do well.

Now, I’ve started my apprenticeship and I’m still enjoying it. The hands-on learning is fantastic and having been part of The Prince’s Trust course is a huge advantage.

“Although it would mean further training after my three-year apprenticeship, my aim now is to become an F1 mechanic. I would travel the world and work in a demanding industry with amazing cars. Without doing the course, I wouldn’t have this dream, so it’s definitely an opportunity people should grab with two hands if they are offered it.