Jodi, 23, was working as a hairdresser until she was made redundant in August 2020.

Around this time, Jodi had started making handmade hair bows for her daughter with friends and family complimenting her on her creations.

When she lost her job, Jodi began to wonder if she could turn her bows into a business by making and selling them online.

After her dad told her about The Prince’s Trust, Jodi reached out for more information and was told about the Enterprise course. She realised it was ideal for her as it would teach her the skills required and give her the knowledge needed to set up on her own.

The Enterprise course helps young people turn an idea into a business with advice, guidance and support offered.

After completing the course, Jodi officially started Freya’s Bowtique and is now a lot more confident in being her own boss and is excited to start selling.

Jodi said: “I started making bows for my daughter before I lost my job. I just decided to give it a go one day and they turned out brilliantly.

“When I was made redundant, I had an idea to start up a business selling them to others as my friends and family were all really impressed by what I had made.

My dad told me that The Prince’s Trust could help me, and they have been amazing. I felt comfortable and really supported. I have customers already so I just needed support that would guide me in the right direction and help me set up the business successfully.