Joanne Gale (Jo), 29, from London, is author and publisher of the children’s book series The Rare Monkey.

Jo said: “I’d achieved good grades from college but hadn’t enjoyed my time there which put me off furthering my studies into higher education. As time went on, this also became financially impossible.” 

In 2014, a friend of Jo’s recommended the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme and very quickly Jo signed up to the programme. 

Jo has dyslexia, so had found reading and writing difficult as a child. Despite this, she always loved storytelling and used the Enterprise programme to develop herself as a self-employed writer telling children’s stories. 

Jo added:

The Prince’s Trust and the Enterprise programme taught me to become much more confident. I’ve learnt the art of planning thoroughly before jumping into things, but also ensuring I do make the leap.

Currently, Jo is self-employed and works full time as a creative facilitator as well as working on The Rare Monkey and is looking to create more stories of her own and continue her career being self-employed. 

“The Trust and the Enterprise programme has been invaluable. I wouldn’t have made my own product if it weren’t for the support and opportunities I received from The Trust.”

Jo's books are available to buy on The Prince's Trust's Tomorrow's Store which is entirely stocked by young people we've helped set up in business.