After hearing about Get Hired at a networking event, JJ became fascinated with the idea that the cocktail bar industry could help young people develop confidence and life skills in a fun, family-style working environment.

He attended a Get Hired event to get a better insight into how the candidates’ varied experiences impacted their attitude to work, communication and confidence. He found he was inspired by their determination and desire to build a positive future for themselves and decided to get involved.

Before I attended I had my own preconceptions of The Prince’s Trust young people, but I wasn't expecting so much passion, positivity and open mindedness to a career in hospitality.

JJ stood up in front of a room of young people who had all been through Prince’s Trust courses and pitched the London Cocktail Club as a great place to work. Despite some nerves, he found the group to be very accommodating and engaged. After conducting first interviews on the day, he invited six candidates for a master class to give them a deeper understanding of the industry. He finally selected two candidates to join the team full-time and Sharell was one of them.

Not only was our recruitment successful, but the day as a whole is very rewarding, fun and inspiring. I wouldn't miss another for the world!

One reason JJ has come back to Get Hired is because The Trust, like him, are passionate about creating long-term, meaningful careers for their candidates, not just jobs. They provide an ongoing support network that works in partnership with employers through every step of the programme.

Recruiting the first Prince’s Trust candidate has also brought a deeper level of diversity to the London Cocktail Club team and encouraged the company to take an in-depth review of how they wanted to train their staff.

Developing the skills required to work in this industry is a challenge but the young people we have recruited at the London Cocktail Club have worked hard and continue to learn vital hospitality skills every day. Of course, they have fun too! I think it's really important that every employer makes at least one commitment to a Prince’s Trust Get Hired day. I guarantee, you’ll be surprised by the quality of candidates. But don’t take my word for it - go along to a Get Hired day and see for yourself.

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