Jhorvis, aged 24, from Leicestershire was out of work for four years before he was able to start his career in logistics with Marks and Spencer. With support from The Prince’s Trust and delivery partners Jhorvis received mentoring and employment skills training, which enabled him to build his confidence and regain the motivation he needed to gain employment.  

Jhorvis has a learning disability and visual impairment and is quite shy, however his parents always knew that Jhorvis was capable of securing employment, he just needed the right support to do so. Once Jhorvis completed his college course finding work was very difficult. Jhorvis applied for so many jobs but never had any replies and the longer he was unemployed the more he became withdrawn and isolated. It got to the point where Jhorvis stopped applying for jobs. 

In 2017 Jhorvis joined The Prince’s Trust Get Started with Football programme. Jhorvis loves football – he’s a Liverpool supporter. On completion of the programme and with support from staff, Jhorvis secured a job with a logistics company, however he was made redundant after 15 months. A month after that his dad passed away unexpectedly and soon after, his grandfather passed away too. Jhorvis was devastated, they were so close, it was a very difficult time for him.  

In 2019, Jhorvis’ mum contacted The Prince’s Trust to see if they could help Jhorvis again, which they did. Jhorvis joined The Prince’s Trust Get into Logistics with M&S programme, which he completed successfully. This led to an opportunity to work for M&S - Jhorvis applied for a role and has now been working full-time for M&S for 10 months. 

It takes Jhorvis four hours in total to get to and from work, he always arrives early and has 100% productivity. M&S continue to offer Jhorvis in-work support, this includes a travel and work buddy and he also has a mentor through The Trust to support him too.  

Jhorvis said: ‘I love helping with the bills and working. I’m also learning to drive too.’ 

Jhorvis’ mum Patricia is so proud of him. Patricia added: ‘Jhorvis loves it. He enjoys being away from the city. Working is so important to Jhorvis, he is more confident and independent now. He loves keeping fit, he cycles and goes to the gym when he can and he can buy his own things. I cannot thank The Prince’s Trust and HCA enough for all you have done for me and Jhorvis. We really had no one else.’ 

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Liverpool FC Captain Jordan Henderson surprised our winner Jhorvis with his win. Watch the moment on LADBible here.