Jeremy recently volunteered on The Prince's Trust Team programme for two days, where he ran workshops on CV, interview and presentation skills. 

"I had some help early on in my career and wanted to use my skills and knowledge to give back to others. It is always rewarding to see the young people thinking that they have ‘nothing to put down’ on their CVs and then realising how much they are developing and learning on Team. Volunteers can help them identify those new skills and experiences.

"I enjoyed it when the young people stood up at the end of the Presentation Skills workshop to give their talks; you suddenly see them blossom and come out of their shells. A real highlight for me was when one young person, who had been struggling with nerves, stood up to support her fellow participant.

By volunteering with The Prince’s Trust, you get to see how much potential these young people have to succeed when they are given the right support.  

"As a volunteer, you need to have an understanding of some of the difficult journeys that these young people have had so far in life; but you get to help them in realising their abilities. It is really rewarding to see the surprise and pride that the young people have when they can stand up and give a presentation or take part in an interview.

To anyone thinking of volunteering with The Prince’s Trust, I would say to give it a try! The advice you give them could be the key to unlocking their potential and inspiring them to reach for their dreams.