“I’ve not worked for eight years, which looks bad on my CV, and childcare is an issue as I have two children. I once almost started a job, but then my childcare fell through.

Despite these obstacles, Jennifer is determined to find employment.

“I need to provide for my family. My children will always come first, but I’m an adult, and I want to participate in and give back to society.”

Jennifer joined The Prince’s Trust’s online Get Into Health and Social Care course in July. She decided she wanted to go into end of life care when her Grandparents passed away in quick succession of each other.

“I saw first-hand the care that assistants gave to them, and realised I’d love to give that help and comfort to someone else towards the end of their life.

During The Prince’s Trust course, we covered the basic skills of what you’d need to be a health and social care assistant, and worked on CV writing. It was very accessible; they were patient and helped me work around times when my children needed looking after.”

Jennifer now has a Prince’s Trust mentor, who will continue to support her journey into finding employment.

“It’s great getting someone that stays with you, who can brush away your worries, build your confidence, and help you learn something new."