Jayden had always known he wanted to be a chef, but his learning difficulties and stammer really affected his confidence and threatened to prevent him from realising his ambition. Determined not to let these challenges hold him back, Jayden turned to The Prince’s Trust and was supported to develop the skills he needed to land a job as a comis chef at The Savoy.

Before getting involved with The Prince’s Trust, Jayden took the chance to help out in a local school, making breakfast, teas and coffees for the staff. 

“I found it quite difficult at times, but kept pushing myself to overcome my difficulties because I wanted to train as a chef. One day, my support worker told me about a three week Get into Hospitality programme with The Prince's Trust, which was linked to job opportunities including a role as comis chef at The Savoy. I signed up straight away.”

At the start of the programme Jayden was shy but extremely driven. His stammer severely affected his confidence and sometimes made it difficult for him to get his passion across, but as he progressed through the programme his confidence grew and his stammer became less prominent. 

Everyone was so kind and supportive towards me and helped me overcome my fears. It made me even more determined to become a chef.

Jayden brought great enthusiasm to the kitchen and learned to thrive in what can be a very hectic environment. He quickly showed he had the ability and work ethic to succeed, and when the programme finished he was successful in securing a job at The Savoy as a comis chef. 

“I’d like to thank everyone at The Savoy and at The Prince’s Trust for all their help and support. You’ve helped me to make my dreams come true.”