At the same time, problems at home resulted in Jared being placed in care, and he turned to drugs to escape daily life.

"I was in a very bad place. There was so much going on, at school, at home and my confidence was so low that I kept on trying to escape from reality."

Although he was accepted to study business entrepreneurship at college, Jared’s motivation levels were very low and he dropped out before the course began. Things came to a head when Jared was arrested and spent several months in prison.

I spent a lot of time thinking when I was inside, and I realised I needed to change my life or I would be back in the same position again. Thankfully I found The Prince’s Trust, and they helped me get on the right track.

Jared took part in our Get into Hospitality course with Costa Coffee and his natural charisma – plus his strong work ethic - resulted in him securing employment with the company. He hopes to work his way up the ladder at Costa while he also has plans to become a personal trainer.

When I got into work, I realised what I was capable of. It gave me purpose and meaning and put me in the mindset of thinking, I can achieve.

"I now want to work as hard as I can to enjoy the rewards. I have my own flat now and I’m a role model for my two younger brothers - it means so much for me to be a success for them, as well as myself."

Jared is also one of our Young Ambassadors and, asked what advice he would give to other young people, he says: "If you want to change your life - you don’t have to do it on your own. Anybody can change with the right support and there is an abundance of help out there. Sometimes making the first steps can be the most difficult, but just think they are the first steps to a successful future."