Jade set up her business, Go Party Bee with the support of The Prince’s Trust. ‘My business idea came from the difficulty I had finding unique local children’s party suppliers such as mermaid swimming parties, science entertainers and real-life unicorns! I realised that there was a gap in the market and I set about filling it.

“Whilst I had a great concept I did not know how to transform it into reality. That’s why I turned to The Prince’s Trust for support. Within a couple of weeks I was paired up with an amazing online mentor who had loads of relevant experience. As soon as he helped me create persona’s for my customers, I realised where my focus needed to be and I starting planning my next steps.”

Having an online business mentor meant Jade could fit digital support sessions around caring for her two young children. “I would email my mentor after midnight when the kids had gone to sleep and to my surprise, he would sometimes reply by the time I had woken up the next day.”

With strict guideline now in place banning all gatherings, Jade has quickly adapted her business so she can help small businesses and families hold ‘virtual children’s parties’.

I have found all kinds of suppliers who can help families celebrate their children’s birthday online. These include magicians who will do a show for everyone to watch on the web and artisans who will post craft materials to your guests’ homes, allowing everyone to get creative at a virtual craft workshop. There are many princesses, heroes and other characters who can video call your kids to wish them happy birthday.”

These are not ideal trading conditions, but Jade wanted to be there for her local community and help in any way she could. “I know that many businesses in this sector are struggling, as all their jobs have had to be cancelled. So, I wanted to support them as much as I can by helping them find opportunities online and advertising them for free. Also, I feel that it’s a chance to help parents to still find ways to carry on creating wonderful memories for their children’s special days. To have a birthday party will raise everyone’s morale and support the wellbeing of the young children who are missing their friends. When all this is over, I am sure that the community will remember my business and use Go Party Bee in the way that I first imagined. I could not have done any of this without the support of my amazing Prince’s Trust online mentor.