Jack Lambourn, Greater Manchester, 22, discover a talent for gymnastics whilst he was navigating challenges at school. 

“I struggled with learning and mental health when I was younger. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd at school, and when I left at 16 I felt confused about who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

“I loved sports though and had been coaching gymnastics since I was 15. I really liked the variety and uniqueness of coaching; it’s rewarding to teach someone a new skill, and I always came away from sessions feeling good.

“I needed direction, so I approached The Prince’s Trust after my mum saw an advert on Facebook for their Enterprise course. I wanted to set up my own gymnastics club to take full responsibility and ownership of my life. I also wanted something that was a mixture of hands-on teaching and administrative and management work. 

“I officially launched Energize Sports Coaching in 2019 at the age of 19. The Prince’s Trust Enterprise course really helped give me structure and accountability.

My business mentor from The Trust still works with me today. He has lots of business knowledge and experience and meeting up with him helps me reflects on where I’m going. 

Jack grew a successful gymnastic club where he hires six part-time employees. Energize Sports Coaching offer weekly classes for children, holiday courses and have started a Saturday morning club to coach disabled children.

“Lockdown was difficult for the business, we had a major cut to our income, but have regained our clients now. We have big plans to work with more schools and put together a disability gymnastic team.”