Ivan’s Kickstart placement with LADbible, one of the largest and most influential social publishers, came at a time when he was looking to embrace his passion for social media.

Aged 23 and from London, Ivan had previous experience in hospitality before he became unemployed. Ivan’s work coach suggested the LADbible Kickstart opportunity and Ivan jumped at the chance to gain the experience he would need to progress into a social publishing career.

Ivan said: "I agreed to the Kickstart placement because I was actually searching for a change in career, I’ve worked in hospitality since I was 16. I wanted to move into something that I was passionate about. I knew this could be the opportunity I was looking for. LADbible is one of the biggest social publishers in the world so I definitely wanted to pursue a career with them.

"Working in an office environment is a new experience for me and I’m really enjoying the change. The staff at LADbible are friendly and encouraging. Everyone is very friendly and talented. I’m learning so much.

"The Prince’s Trust has also supported me throughout my placement, I have a mentor who I speak to on a regular basis to check on my progress and I attend their workshops, which cover employment skills, CV development and how to adapt to an office environment.

"I’m learning to develop my skills and I now have a routine. I’m working independently too, as I work virtually most of the time. My Kickstart placement with LADbible has given me the confidence and belief that I can succeed and follow the career path I’m interested in.

To anyone thinking about a Kickstart placement, I’d say definitely do it! It will provide you with skills you would not have had otherwise, that you can transfer to another job if needed.

"In terms of tips for your interview and when on placement, I’d say, be your best self! All Kickstart businesses are looking for young people that are dynamic and bring something new to the table.

"I’d love to get a permanent position at LADbible, while continuing to develop the skills I have learnt on my Kickstart placement. I see it as a foundation to the rest of my career. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people within the wider industry and getting the chance to network as we all go back to offices!

"I’m now feeling very positive. I feel as prepared as I can be for the rest of my career and excited for what the future holds."