To successfully complete the programme, Ishmael committed to self-study across five interactive online modules via Coursera including Technical Support Fundamentals, Operating Systems and You: Becoming a power user, System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services, The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking and IT Security: Defence against the digital dark arts.

In addition to the technical training Ishmael also attended weekly catch-up sessions with his cohort, where he learnt employability skills and how to highlight his new certificate and LinkedIn badge to potential employers.

Ishmael said:

The content was really accessible and easy to understand, things like learning about the Windows Active Directory are now something that I use every day in my new role.”

Ishmael added: “The Prince’s Trust helped by keeping in touch and checking in on my progress, I never felt like I was just thrown into the wilderness to complete the course. Also having advice on my CV, cover letters and interview skills was so much easier than going it alone.

 “Because of this programme I was able to get out of a career which wasn’t right for me, I felt like I couldn’t really apply myself to catering and I wasn’t using the skills and interests I enjoyed linked to IT. Now I am working well towards my goal of being independent and able to move out into my own space.”

I would say to anyone considering the Google IT Support certificate to 100% take the opportunity, they’ll give you the tools you need and stop things from standing still. Opportunities like this don’t come around very often, this qualification would have been very expensive to do off my own back, it just wouldn’t have happened.”